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Let softly diffused light spill into your favourite room.

Callistus Meliso Blind combines the personality of a classic fabric shade with the ability to control light in an entirely new way. With the gentle pull of the operating cord, textured fabric in a palette of delightful colours transforms from contoured folds to opened vanes, allowing a softened outside view through the sheer backing.

These modern blinds are designed delicately and creatively. They are a fusion of the practicality of Roller Blinds while adding the look of Roman Blinds when pulled up.

When the Blinds are drawn, they have horizontal stripes as their signature design created with their fabric and have a unique feature of coming down like roller blinds. The sheer look adds an elegant touch to the ordinary roller blinds and roman blinds and brings out a new look altogether.

  • Orientation


  • Visibility


  • Width (in mm)

    500 to 2600


  • Manual

    One of the most important advantages of Callistus window coverings is their ease of operation. A continuous ball chain loop works on the principle of a pulley, rotating a clutch to open or close the blind.

  • Remote Control

    The Remote Control allows you to preset and easily operate a group of up to sixteen different window blinds, individually or together with just a press of a button. Remote Controls are available in different colours and can also be affixed to a wall.

  • Smart Phone Control

    Callistus Automation blinds can be operated using an App. You can control your blinds with a swipe of a finger, or create customized scenes that move the blinds to positions you set. Also, you can automate those scenes to operate on their own throughout the day.

  • Callistus Meliso blinds are modern in design, stylish, reliable and easy to operate. Largest range of operating system ensures the blind can be rolled up or down easily to achieve the required level of privacy and light control.

  • Fixing Option - Decorative Cassette
  • Add a touch of luxury to your blind by adding a contemporary cassette. This system improves the look of the blind whether it is in the retracted or extended position. The blind get a glamorous enhancement with a decorative cassette which is fitted at the top, discreetly housing the operating mechanism. A fabric strip is used to amalgamate the cassette with the blind fabric, complementing the interior eventually.

  • Fixing Option - Plain Cassette
  • Give your blinds a sophisticated look by adding a sleek yet elegant plain cassette. If the blind is pulled up, the fabric in the upper part is wound onto the winding system. In this system, the roller lap is hidden in the box, whose size is determined according to the dimensions of the blinds. Plain Cassette completely encloses your blind’s mechanism thereby maintaining the integrity of your interior.

  • Light Diffusion
  • Simply tilt the vanes to enjoy more natural daylight by diffusing and spreading it evenly throughout the room whilst filtering out brightness, glare and UV rays.

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This is just a sampling of our fabric choices. Visit your local Callistus Gallery to see and feel the full array of fabrics, shades, textures and display blinds.

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