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Callistus’ Sunscreen collection has been designed for windows where you want to see outside whilst stopping people being able to see in. Sunscreen is a high performance fabric with many technical attributes. Our Sun Screen Fabrics can do more than just soften your view of the outdoors.

Sunscreen 19 series 84 shades

Callistus Sun Screen fabrics are available in a wide range of capacities to bring in just the level of light you want and they protect valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays too. We use an open weave fabric which creates a screen effect whilst still allowing some light through.

Available 82 Shades and 19 Series with Specification

Callistus Sun Screen fabrics available with 82 colors and 19 series with specification of openness factor range between 1 % to 15 %

Certifications With Sun Screen Fabrics

Various certifications of Fire retardant, PVC free, Lead free, Green-guard, Oeko-Tex, Antibacterial, etc. All our fabrics are cut with using ultrasonic cutters rather than conventional blades. This results in a sealed edge which prevents fraying.